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Welcome to this ancient personal homepage of mine. Over eons, many changes has it seen, but still it persists.

Despite many efforts, this page does not always appear nice on all browsers and all devices. Microple, GOOGasoft and ARPALE never agree on anything!

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To boldly go where I have gone before...

Kanazawa Institute of Technology
A university in Japan.
My Favorite Internet Site.
The Defiant
A Spaceship that is lost in the Gamma Quadrant.



Address in America

Japanese Address


Telephone #

(America, NYC)



This page used to be under constant remodeling but is now very dusty.
It contains a list of some friends, family, and teachers.
All of these groups have too many members to fit all of them
If you qualify and feel left out, contact me and you can get in also.
At present this page is collecting dust while I concern myself with other matters.

Off you can go to the friends page.


Here is a loquacious version of my resume.

Media Madness

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The old group page at Kanazawa is gone forever! (Actually I didn't like it anyway!).


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