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Present School: Wherever I am is my school. Previous Schools: T. Kang Tae Kwon Do U.S.A. (Kuk-mu-kwan aka ATF) and
Buzz Martial Arts (Manhattan - ITF) and
Previous Practicing in School (Japan): Kim's Gym (Tokyo Japan ITF)

Related Schools: (Students who have struck out on their own:)
Scott Roger's school (previously in Bensonhurst)
Margaret Messina's School in Long Island

By the way, I was studying Shitoryuu Karate 1997-98 to broaden my Martial Arts knowledge.
From then -2001 I looked for a TKD school practicing about 1 time a month or 2 and I finally found a new ITF school here in Japan that's pretty good. So I am finally practicing a little again. Now and then I get back to NY to visit T Kang Tae Kwon Do and Buzz Martial Arts again. Finally starting in Sept 2004 I am starting my own small practice group so I can teach, keep in shape and work towards my 3rd dan.