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I will now introduce my history:


In the 49th year of the reign of the Showa emperor on Memorial Day Weekend, (May XXth), on the Sabbath at 11:25 AM, I first entered this incredible world after exiting the inside of my mother. Due to the help of God, my mom had no labor pains. Because of the absence of labor pains the Doctor was away when I was born. Isn't he a bad doctor?

Things I LIKED and thinks I HATED when I was a lad.

Picklestoilet bowls
Potato chiPsShowers
Hamburgers and HotdogsOther Meat
Scooby-Doohot water
climbing rocks/mountains
the letter P
the color Purple
drawings mixed uP Pictures using many different colors.
My mom's Poor singing voice.
My dad's bounty of hair.other babies (other than me)
Playing with toys,sports
cloudsthe Sun
The Wind.
Instead of SleePing, keeping my eyes open and using my imagination.sleePing

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Junior High School

High School


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