1. Things like 日本語の翻訳 links to a Japanese transliteration of the page you are on.
  2. Things like ENGLISH links to a English transliteration of the page you are on.
  3. Objects like 's links to "The Signpost." The Signpost is 2 lists of links.
  4. Perhaps, your screen shows some junk on the right side of the page. That's normal. Its either Japanese, your computers interpretation of Japanese.
    I have written a short page on how to install Japanese, mostly for Mac-users. There are also 2 shareware links in the signpost that contain somewhat inadequate Japanese-enabling software.
  5. BOLT-These occasional symbols (reminiscent of Shazam or The Greatest American Hero) allow you to easily travel to my picture intensive Spider Web Main Page.
  6. For those who do not like so many pictures, I have a much more informative textual introduction as well
  7. I recommend that you set your browser not to load the pictures if wish to quickly glance at my page.
  8. To ensure security, I have employed some guards from Exodus ultima III, so don't go near them. The ineffecient prototypes look like: guard

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