Modify if your screen is ugly 48 is usually too big, probably 20 is better, I'll write a pulldown list function later.
make it bigger if its too small and smaller if its too big.
Alter for English:

I tried to use pulldown lists but am had a little problem and will fix it later
Please be patient I don't hava a lot of time to work on this yet.
This works fine on Netscape 4.0 or IE 4 or higher.
The values don't always work for IE, but sometimes they do, so I have written code to compensate for this error setting it always to 20 if it doesn't work
I am working to make it viewable on any JavaScript Capable Browser
The applet version is uncontrollable from IE
Use the Tab key(And the shift-tab combo) on your keyboard to jump from button to button if the controls appear underneath the display window
Typing in text does nothing yet on the next page, the text display is only a display,
but altering the text on this page does have effects
The program includes only Japanese and English, I may add Spanish and Chinese soon.
The Change var values button helps IE sometimes.
Why is IE so slow?
I used to be only able to create JPG's, but now with my Windows 98 paint program I can create wondeful GIF's as well
I have lots of images, they are fun to make, but not all are implemented yet
The Applet, JPG and GIF versions are all slightly different, The GIF version is a remake of the map of Sosaria of Ultima III from my memory alone. I thinks its close, but I haven't finished programming it all into Javascript from my bitmap image yet
I think it will take me a long time to program it in, unless I come up with a fast way to type it all in
I still have a few deguggers running, and no cool sounds or actions have been added yet

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